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Car Stereo Review

Why Purchase a Car Stereo?

Bob your head. Sway your hips. Pop-n'-lock. Shimmy. No, you're not in a dance studio, but in your car rockin' out to your favorite tunes, courtesy of your newly installed car stereo system.

From the electronic prowess of Sony, Dual and Boss Audio, car stereo systems represent the best in today's automotive technology. Packaged conveniently to meet your audio needs, the best car stereo systems such as the Sony CXS-GT5416FBoss Audio 655CK and Boss Audio 660CK provide customers with a car stereo packed with added features for a supreme listening experience. Also included in a car stereo system are two stereo speakers (which are installed in the back of your vehicle). These complement your two existing speakers upfront, and help cultivate a crystal-clear sound.

With many car stereos, a wireless remote control will also be included in the music enthusiast's audio package. This remote control adds accessibility, enhanced listening and less distracted driving.

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Car Stereo Systems: What to Look For

Obtaining access to varying features in order to increase your overall listening experience is the main reason many upgrade from their pre-installed AM/FM player to a car stereo.

With this upgrade come many new features, including basic additions like illuminated controls and buttons, reset scans and stations. Some units offer advanced features such as last position memory, and the ability to listen to your iPod, iPhone, other MP3 device or your favorite CD.

Unless you have satellite radio, you may want some added features that will keep you from simply listening to the same "top hits" over and over again. We suggest purchasing car stereo systems with a USB input and auxiliary port for your iPod or other MP3 players and CD access so you can listen to the music you love.

Pay particular attention to a stereo's specifications, specifically for nominal impedance levels, frequency response and dynamic peak power. Each of these levels has a standardized measurement that users should double check before purchasing.

A wireless remote is included in many car stereo systems. This remote not only enhances your listening options but it also increases your driving performance, as you can keep your eyes and focus on the road ahead instead of on the stereo controls.

Help & Support
Before you can blast your jams, your car stereo must be installed. Most manufacturers of car stereo systems recommend professional installation, and you may even void the manufacture warranty if you opt for non-professional installation.

Each audio system boasts a list of fantastic features, all of which have their own unique control buttons and setup process. Enter the user manual. For the majority of these audio car stereo systems, manufacturers provide online user manuals in PDF form. These manuals cover everything from selecting favorite radio stations and connecting your MP3 players to detaching the receiver unit.

Getting your stereo system working exactly how you want it may take a little time, energy and frequent access to help options. In addition to the user manual, you'll want to look for car stereo systems with a manufacture support center, online tutorials, a community forum and FAQs.

Whether you're groovin' to the timeless Beatles, thumpin' to Usher, tapping your foot to the melodic Duke Ellington, or simply unwinding with Vivaldi, your car stereo system is a big part of your driving experience, allowing excellent connectivity to all your favorite music.

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